6 ways to earn more money from your music on YouTube this Holiday Season

Prep for the holidays; reap the benefits year-round!

Aunt Sue is wondering whether she really wants to buy you the album you asked for for Christmas this year, the one by Sexy Demonic Wombats from Beyond the Gates of Oblivion (“SDWBGO” for short).

If she’s like most people with Internet access, she’ll turn to YouTube for a minute or two of “research” first.

Much to her surprise and relief, Demonic Wombats is a mostly harmless polka band that performs 1970′s prog-rock covers — so you’re all set. She orders the CD and everyone (Aunt Sue, you, the Wombats) is happy come Christmas.

This is just one of countless examples of how people use YouTube these days. The video streaming giant is now the world’s jukebox, a customizable replacement for both MTV and radio, a deep musical archive, the #1 search engine for music, the #1 music discovery tool online, and much more — all available on your smartphone.

So it’s hardly surprising that artists are now earning so much in YouTube ad revenue. CD Baby pays an average of $250,000 a month to indie musicians for the usage of their music on YouTube (and that figure will continue to rise).

One interesting and encouraging thing about that $$ is that artists who’ve monetized their music on YouTube are actually earning more from fan-created videos (also known as “user-generated content,” or U.G.C.) than from the official music videos they’ve uploaded to YouTube themselves.

As I’ve said in previous articles, the modern music industry is built on a social economy. What your fans do (and want to do) with your music has real value.

No, you’re not going to earn nearly as much per usage as you might if the same song was licensed for a Coke commercial. Instead, with YouTube, it’s all about VOLUME and time (since the videos that use your music will be up on YouTube for quite a while) — and as our $250k/month payouts demonstrate, when your fan community is empowered to take social action with your music, you make money.

Here are 6 tips to help you make more money from your music on YouTube (in 2014 and beyond)

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You COULD Give Up…But I Won’t Let You

Hello Hungry Artiz. I hope that this message reaches in good spirits and full of creativity!

Today, I just wanted to drop in and tell you something that you should already know: “When times get tough, do NOT give up.” It seems a little cliché, but hey, sometimes cliché is the way to go! (Man, that almost sounds like a great song lyric, but again, I digress!).

Personal story time: I am a middle-aged man with two sons. One of my sons has Down syndrome. I have been laid of from work, fired, beaten up, talked about, laughed at, evicted, had no car, lost friends, been broke, been lost, had issues, didn’t know “when to say when”, had…well, you get the idea. I have had some things go wrong in my life. But I am sure that some of you read that and either felt sorry for me, didn’t care, was embarrassed for me or just wanted me to stop. Its ok, you are all human.

So what was my point? Despite all that has happened in my life, I still managed to be here to write this and share it with you today. Despite hard times, good times still found their way into my life. I consider my sons to be the greatest thing to ever happen to me, I live a great life, I am able to have these conversations with you, I have worked with some fabulous musicians, my business is growing and I recently graduated college with a Bachelor’s in Music Business and a Master’s in Entertainment Business. I am learning to play guitar, I am writing again, and I am having conversations with many Hungry Artiz from around the world on a monthly basis!

I don’t have a magic formula. I don’t want you to believe that it is easy, because it is hard work that must be put in when you are trying to achieve your goals in life. But my message to you today, my friends, is that you must NEVER, ever give up! Educate yourself on what needs to be done, and do it! It is that simple. Ask Rick Anderson.

Stay Hungry Artiz. It does pay off. Here are some tools (You didn’t think I would leave you without tools did you?) to help:

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